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Tooney Town Early Learning Center offers one of the finest child development programs in the area for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years of age. We are dedicated to the unique needs of our children, as well as the needs and demands of today’s working parents. Our professional and nurturing environment is provided by a dedicated staff that possesses the best skills and training to provide a warm, supportive, and stimulating setting where every child is treasured as an individual.

All of our staff members are trained in First Aid & CPR and participate in various continuing education training throughout the school year. Tooney Town ELC also has professional development programs that offer holistic workshops designed to ensure your children’s growth and development, as well as their safety and security within the Tooney Town ELC’s premises. The main focus of this program is to provide training that helps the teacher implement age-appropriate lessons effectively and manage the classroom properly. Our programs are always backed by our strong commitment to our core values.



We will inspire positive values in our children and demonstrate pride in ourselves through our appearance, actions, and words.


We will convey the proper and necessary information to our parents and colleagues in order to provide a well-trusted environment.


We will establish and maintain a welcoming atmosphere for every family while remaining sensitive and caring for their needs.


We will be fair, respectful, and honest in all of our acts, and we will always strive to do and be our very best.


We will inspire positive values in our children and demonstrate pride in ourselves through our appearance, actions, and words.


Tooney Town ELC is dedicated to leading your children towards a brighter, better, healthier future by providing premier child development programs that nurture their overall potential through purposeful plays, warm and loving environment, and age-appropriate lessons.

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Our philosophy of “loving, laughing, and learning together” is achieved through developing children emotionally, physically, and socially in the proper environment. Therefore, Tooney Town’s staff is committed to making sure that the children in our center are nurtured in a learning atmosphere.

It is our philosophy that children can develop emotionally, physically, and socially if the proper environment is provided. That is why Tooney Town sees to it that your child is in a nurturing educational environment. We believe that “Learning is Fun” and that child care should also be fun, educational, and nurturing, and providing each family with a sense of security. A warm parent-teacher relationship will give each family worry-free care. Creativity and independence will be encouraged in order for your child to maintain the “joy of childhood”.

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